How To Create Virtual Private Servers

How to Host a Minecraft Server on an Ubuntu Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Minecraft server.jar
OVH Virtual Private Server
Download and Install PuTTy
Download and Install WinSCP
Buy Minecraft Java Edition
OVHcloud VPS for Minecraft

Intro 0:00
What is a VPS 0:23
What is PuTTY 1:05
What is WinSCP 1:16
Download & Install PuTTY 1:34
Download & Install WinSCP 2:44
Buy a Start Minecraft VPS from OVH 3:50
Login to OVH Control Panel 8:18
Rename your VPS 9:30
Copy VPS login info to Desktop 9:59
Connect to VPS with PuTTy SSH 11:32
Download Minecraft server.jar 12:45
Update Ubuntu VPS 13:50
Install Java openjdk-14-jre-headless 14:07
Connect to WinSCP 14:55
Create minecraft folder in /home/ubuntu directory 16:09
Start the minecraft VPS 17:15
Edit eula.txt to eula=true 19:05
Install & run Screen 22:08
Start Minecraft server 23:02
Join your Minecraft Server through VPS IP 24:30
Give yourself Operator (op) 26:00
Change Gamemode 26:46
Outro 27:24

Note: Right click in the putty terminal to paste these commands
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openjdk-14-jre-headless
cd Minecraft
sudo java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

You need to agree to the eula in order to run the server. Copy the contents of eula.txt then delete the file and create a new one in it’s place with the previous files contents. The owner should change from root to ubuntu. Open up eula.txt document and change eula=false to eula= true

sudo apt-get install screen
sudo java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui
op yourusernamehere
Type “t” in game followed by: /gamemode yourgamemodeofchoicehere

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What is a Minecraft VPS?
A VPS (short for virtual private server) is a fully-isolated virtual environment based on a bare-metal server. Each VPS is allocated a set portion of the server’s physical resources, and is functionally equivalent to a dedicated server, but with a much lower price tag. It may help to think of it as renting a flat, rather than a whole house. This definition was taken from


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